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What is Just Health Care?

Just Health Care is our campaign for Single Payer Health Care (Medicare for all), lifetime coverage to every resident of the United States. We are members of the Alachua County Labor Coalition.

Single Payer Health Care:

  • Guarantees comprehensive coverage for all¬†residents
  • Provides complete choice of physicians, providers, and hospitals
  • Eliminates the role of private insurance companies, taking the profit motive out of coverage decisions
  • Establishes a single payer health care system that saves over $400 billion a year
  • Redirects that savings to improve payments and coverages including vision, dental, and mental health
  • Eliminates co-pays and deductibles
  • Ensures fair financing
  • Protects health care workers
  • Eliminates administrative waste and profit in the health care system and controlling costs, the United States can afford comprehensive and universal health care coverage without increasing our nation’s health care budget

Because single payer health care eliminates premiums, co-payments, deductibles, and most out-of-pocket costs, it is projected that 95 percent of taxpayers will save money.

Working in conjunction with organizations like Physicians for a National Health Program and Healthcare-NOW, we hope to spread the word to people and organizations, building a movement in support of single payer national health care.

The ACA:

  • Doesn’t cover everyone
  • Doesn’t cover all medical needs
  • It is too complicated and fragmented
  • It’s a bonanza for insurance companies

Medicaid Expansion
The Affordable Care Act as amended by the U.S. Supreme Court gives states the option to expand medicaid to cover all citizens that earn less than a 138% of the poverty level. The Florida Legislature has refused to adopt this expansion. This is our current endeavor. We are working to reverse this unconscionable decision.

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